I felt I was reasonably fit for my age, but saggy in all the wrong places. I wanted to go to a gym but felt too intimidated to figure out what to do on my own. I thought a trainer would overestimate my abilities and push me too hard. I also thought I would get bored after a few weeks. Our training sessions have been varied and challenging. I Love the boxing. Training has never been boring at all! I now have stomach muscles again! And I don’t have backache after a night’s sleep! I didn’t realise how much core strength I had lost and I thought my bed was at fault. After 20 years of skiing I had my best ski trip in 2015 because I was physically stronger.

Frankie B age 58, SE London

Before working with Akua I hadn’t exercised for a while, my general fitness had gone down and weight gone up. I was concerned about whether we would be the right personality fit. This was not an issue, we have got on well together and our sessions have been constructive and fun. No two sessions have been the same, variety has maintained a fun and enjoyable environment for training. My limits were identified and a program developed that stretched me without being unachievable and therefore demotivating. I achieved an overall toning up, and improvement in my muscle to fat ratio and my general fitness also increased.

Kap V age 59, SE London

I was unfit, flabby and dreading my 40th birthday. I was also worried about my health, given my family history of diabetes, heart disease and osteo-arthritis, along with the fact that I do a stressful, desk-bound job. I wanted to change my situation in a radical way. Not being naturally inclined to do exercise, I was apprehensive about the training program itself. I was worried it would be too daunting and difficult for me to achieve. Working with Akua has been fantastic, she has introduced me to so many different ways of working out, which means I never get bored. I never thought that I would like working out with kettlebells and sparring on the boxing pads as much as I do! Akua has always been encouraging (telling me off when necessary!), and very motivational. I have gained a lot more confidence in my physical abilities as a result. Plus, I have managed to lose approximately 10kg since I started working out with Akua, which is brilliant, I look forward to losing 10kg more!

Sam K age 40, SE London

I had started the using the gym in an effort to lose weight and improve my fitness. I mainly using the classes, as I didn’t have great knowledge of weight training exercises and techniques. When Akua approached me at the gym and asked me how I was getting on in the gym, she gave me some information about exercises I could do, and nutrition tips that would help me achieve my goal. The information was really helpful and her knowledge was very good. Working with Akua has been very easy. I have been training with Akua using her online personal training programmes. I have always been able to contact Akua as and when I have needed, and using the Trainerize app has been great. I have found the video demonstrations uploaded into my training plan very useful, helping me with the correct form for exercises I was unsure of. I started working with Akua in August 2016 when I weighed 89.2kg (14 stone). Three months later I now weigh 79.6 kg (12 stone 5 pounds). I have reduced my body fat by 8.8%. and my trouser size has dropped from waist size 38” to waist size 34”.

Akeem K-S – age, 23

I didn’t rarely attend the gym and lacked motivation. I was also convinced that I was awful at everything I attempted at the gym and would never be able to improve. I didn’t see training with weights as beneficial to my fitness goals.

I was worried about cost and keeping up with my friend who I trained with, but starting with the group personal training really made me feel more confident.

It has been a really positive experience; my confidence has grown over the last few months with my own fitness and ability. I have found the sessions challenging, but really enjoyable as Akua’s personal training method is friendly and warm, but she also makes sure that you really push yourself! I also like that Akua always explains why you are doing a particular exercise and which part of the body it is working. I found even just personal training with Akua once a week motivated me to push myself in the gym when I was on my own or in a class as I was more aware of the level I should be training it, making results come quicker. I have lost weight and inches, but the best result is a new confidence in myself and when I am training with my fitness levels.

Sarah T – age, 26

I was going to the gym and working out using the machines but not getting the results in the areas I wanted to change. Initially my concern was that I would not being able to afford it and when I realised I could afford, my concern because whether I could manage the intensity of workouts with a personal trainer. I now look forward to my workouts with Akua because I can see the results, and my family and friends also comment on the changes. The best result I have gained so far is more toned legs, a toned stomach area and less ‘bingo wings’.

Irene C – age, 57

Before I started working with Akua I was unmotivated and struggling with my weight and fitness. I had no reservations about working with Akua as I had attended a boot camp which she used to run and knew she was the right trainer for me. Akua has kept me motivated and has not only improved my fitness but has guided me with my nutrition. So far I have lost 1 stone and dropped a dress size. I’m really happy with the results I have already achieved and I know with Akua’s guidance I will achieve my ultimate weight goal and be able to maintain a heathy body and lifestyle.

Sam Jones – age, 31

I’d never had a personal trainer before and had never done weights or anything at the gym; I’d only ever done cardio. Training with Akua is fun (if tiring!). She changes what we do every session so I never get bored and she explains which areas we’re targeting so I know if I’m doing the exercise correctly. As a result, I’ve definitely firmed up all over and my muscle definition has really improved.

Amy M age 33

I needed to work on weight loss in a different way as working on my own had stopped yielding any results. I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, working with Akua has been a positive experience, she has always been encouraging, keeping me focused and accountable. The one best result so far is that I’ve lost over one and a half stone and I’m forming better eating habits.

Amelia O – age, 40

I had put on weight around the waist low energy levels and next to no upper body strength. I was also suffering from pain in my knees which prevented me from exercising consistently. I was concerned that my busy work schedule would mean that I wouldn’t have time to train or that inconsistencies in my training schedule could undermine my results. Akua has been extremely flexible and helpful enabling me to fit my training sessions into my busy work schedule. It’s been great working with Akua, communication has been supper easy, the workouts are always varied and challenging enough for me to see progress and positive changes in my body and strength.

Chiara F – age, 33

Before I started training with Akua my knees were in a bad condition, my weight was unimpressive, I didn’t know what I was doing in the gym, or how to use the equipment. And most importantly I wasn’t eating properly. I was a little nervous of training with a personal trainer. However, every aspect of Akua’s training has been spot on. I am very pleased with the support I’ve received. Training with Akua has been great. She is very professional and her encouragement for me to carry on has been top class. The best result I’ve gotten so far is continued weight loss and I’m now able to run on the treadmill and use the stair master machine both of which I wasn’t able to do previously due to my painful knees. I’ve regained my self confidence and am now eating properly. I would recommend Akua to anyone that wants to improve their fitness and general wellbeing.

Vivian Vanderpuye, 56, SE, London

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