(12-week training or 24-week training programme)

If you feel you need more support and accountability, then face-to-face training may be for you. Training programmes can still maintain a degree of flexibility. Training sessions can be scheduled to fit around your work and family commitments.

  • Pay a monthly fee and get 4 sessions, 8 session or 12 sessions
  • Training sessions are an hour, but can be reduced to 45 minutes if requested.
  • You’ll experience a huge range of exercises that target the specific areas of the body that you want to transform.
  • You’ll enjoy a mix of functional training, weight training, cardio workouts including indoor cycling, boxing and more.
  • With access to a range of equipment that will challenge you during your work outs
  • You’ll receive nutrition guidance and tips to help you speed up your results, and get advice and recommendations on nutrition supplements
  • A personalised nutrition plan based on your required calories and preferred foods can be provided upon request (at a separate cost)
  • You can access additional fitness and nutrition support via WhatsApp messenger, text message, phone or Skype.
  • You’ll receive progress reports and have the opportunity to provide feedback at your weekly face-to-face check in

The best bit is that you won’t get bored because every workout will be different.


“…. our sessions have been constructive and fun. No two sessions have been the same, variety has maintained a fun and enjoyable environment for training. My limits were identified and a program developed that stretched me without being unachievable and therefore demotivating. I achieved an overall toning up, and improvement in my muscle to fat ratio and my general fitness also increased.”

Kap V

“…. I thought a trainer would overestimate my abilities and push me too hard. I also thought I would get bored after a few weeks. Our training sessions have been varied and challenging. I Love the boxing. Training has never been boring at all!….”

Frankie B

“As I was working different shifts each week, and couldn’t work out on the same days every week I was worried the lack of consistency would undermine my workout and progress. Akua however is extremely flexible and helpful in fitting my workouts into my busy schedule.”

Chiara F