(12-week training or 24-week training programme, Face-to-face and online)

Does Online training sound too independent, whilst face-to-face training not sound flexible enough with your busy schedule. Why not try a mixture of both online training with some face-to-face sessions included to help you stay on track.? Get the best of both. Train independently with personalised programmes and nutrition advise whilst getting the face-to-face encouragement needed to push you that step further.

  • Pay a monthly fee and get personalised programmes and 2 face-to-face sessions
  • Face to face sessions will be 1 hour
  • Your workout programmes will target the specific areas of your body you want to transform. The programme will include exercises using your body weight or equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or suspension trainers.
  • Your programme will enable you to train confidently and independently as many times a week as you prefer, as each exercise will be accompanied by a demo video clip to help you practice the correct form and technique
  • Your workout programme (s) can be provided via a free to download, and easy to use online personal training app called ‘Trainerize’ or via email with exercise demos accessed via YouTube
  • You’ll receive ongoing support either by WhatsApp messenger, text message or via the in-app messaging system if you choose to use the ‘Trainerize’ app
  • Your workouts will be progressed every 4 weeks (depending on workouts tracked when using the trainerize app or on feedback provided during weekly phone check-ins.
  • Progress will be monitored at agreed intervals.
  • You’ll be able to monitor your progress for each exercise completed whenever you work out using the Trainerize app
  • You’ll receive weekly phone check-ins to help you to stay motivated
  • During your face-to-face sessions you’ll experience a range of different exercises that target the specific areas of the body that you want to transform.
  • You’ll enjoy a mix of functional training, weight training, cardio workouts including indoor cycling, boxing and more.


“…. our sessions have been constructive and fun. No two sessions have been the same, variety has maintained a fun and enjoyable environment for training. My limits were identified and a program developed that stretched me without being unachievable and therefore demotivating. I achieved an overall toning up, and improvement in my muscle to fat ratio and my general fitness also increased.”

Kap V

“Working with Akua has been very easy. I have been training with Akua using her online personal training programmes. I have always been able to contact Akua as and when I have needed, and using the Trainerize app has been great. I have found the video demonstrations uploaded into my training plan very useful, helping me with the correct form for exercises I was unsure of. I started working with Akua in August 2016 when I weighed 89.2kg (14 stone). Three months later I weighed in at 79.6 kg (12 stone 5 pounds). My body fat reduced by 8.8%. and my trouser size dropped from waist size 38” to waist size 34”.

Akeem K-S