As I was reaching the age of 40 I wanted to improve my fitness levels and learn how to exercise and
be able to use the gym with confidence. Not knowing what exercises to do, or whether I would be fit enough to take part in a gym class were my biggest fears before starting personal training. I was even worried that personal training sessions could be too difficult for me. However, working with Akua has far surpassed my expectations.

I have become someone who enjoys working out and willingly goes to the gym early in the morning to fit in a workout or go to a class before going to work. Akua has used so many different training styles – boxing drills, kettlebells, HIIT sessions, suspension training, and weight and resistance training, which have always kept our sessions over the two years interesting, fun and challenging. Akua has always been encouraging and positive, even when I feel that I haven’t done my best that day. I would strongly encourage anyone to train with Akua.

My best achievements over the past two years have been losing almost 2 stone and managing to maintain my new weight for the past 2 years. And discovering that I can deadlift a respectable weight. Training with Akua has given my energy levels a boost, and I find training helps hugely with my stress levels too from my hectic job in media.

Sam Kistamah , 41

I took up training to get fit, lose weight and change my lifestyle. Before taking up training with Akua I was extremely unfit and I would be out of breath and struggle with physical activity. I knew I needed to do something to change this. My only reservation was that I wouldn’t be able to the exercises and that I would struggle. This has not been the case. Although training has been hard it has paid off. I love working with Akua. She is motivating and very encouraging. She challenges me a lot, but she makes me want to work hard to improve myself.

Some of the best results I’ve gotten from training with Akua, is that I’ve lost inches in all the right places. I’ve gained a good level of fitness. And I feel fitter and more confident.

Samantha Jones, 32

I wanted to improve my muscle tone, and increase my stamina and energy levels. Akua immediately understood my needs, and listened attentively to what my goals and interests were. My only real concern was how flexible training would be around my work commitments. Akua is always flexible, offering alternative dates and times to adjust our appointments. It’s been great working with Akua. She is very motivational, encouraging me and pushing me to overcome my limits. I really enjoy our sessions as they are always challenging and involve a good mixture cardio and strength.

Some of the best results I’ve achieved so far are improvements in strength, I couldn’t even do one push up when we first started training… now I can do 20. My lean muscle mass has increased and body fat has reduced.

Chiara Frigerio, 32

I needed to get back into the gym, to start exercising again after a long break. I was feeling sluggish and de-motivated. Worried about what exercises I should be doing. When I made the decision to work with a personal trainer, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do all of the exercises. However, working with Akua has been a great experience. She has a very relaxing manner and is passionate about what she does. Her coaching points are clear and concise and she encourages me to push myself to achieve the best results.

As a result of training with Akua I’ve been become more confident in the gym environment learning how to use equipment I never would have tried. My body is showing signs of toning and I’m trying hard as a result of Akua’s coaching to come to grips with the nutrition side of things.

Monique Mulcare, 55

Although I run regularly visit the gym and participate in sports like basketball, football and golf, I still noticed I was gaining weight around my waist and stomach. I decided to take Akua on as my personal trainer because I liked the way she was towards her clients in the gym, open, friendly, challenging and tough, and I believed she would be able take me to the next level that I was looking to get to in terms of my training. I was impressed by the attention Akua affords he clients, pushing them in their training whilst being encouraging. I’ve really enjoyed training with Akua and find she takes a complete view of training, rest, nutrition and hydration. Since training with Akua I’ve gained a more toned middle, stronger core and back.

My general fitness has improved too. I particularly enjoy our conversations during our training sessions. Akua uses a variety of training techniques to keep the sessions interesting, including bands, free weights, and cardio based exercises.

Adolfo Thevade, 38

I took up personal training because I work very hard, long hours and just thought it was time to give more consideration to my health and fitness. Time has always been an issue for me, and I wasn’t sure whether taking up training with Akua would be sustainable due to the limitations on my time. Other than this concern I was really looking for someone who would push me to achieve my goals of weight loss and improving my fitness. It’s been great working with Akua. And not just in terms of the fitness regime, but also the conversations we have during training; and the coaching relating to sleep, diet and general lifestyle have been invaluable. Some of the best results I’ve achieved so far are, thinking about what I eat and when I eat, I now have breakfast every morning without fail, which is something I wasn’t doing for years.

I’ve lost inches around my stomach and waist line and other key measurements are moving in the right direction, including an increase in lean muscle.

Patrick Clarke, 56

I started training with Akua again because I needed help motivating myself back into the gym as I had fallen out of my routine. I was mainly looking for help with building more strength, increasing muscle tone and losing some body fat. My concern was that although I was becoming less fit, I wouldn’t be able to commit to regular training sessions around my busy schedule. Training with Akua has been really motivational. I feel more confident exercising and using the gym. And it’s great feeling like I’m learning how to complete exercises with the right form.

I have definitely grown stronger over time and my ability to do certain exercises has improved as has my confidence. My body fat has also reduced.

Lara Ditzel-Finn, 27

I felt I was reasonably fit for my age, but saggy in all the wrong places. I wanted to go to a gym but was too intimidated to work out what to do on my own.

I had also hurt my hand and thought paying for PT would make me do the physio exercises.

My main concerns were that I find gym trainers tend to overestimate what I can do because I played a lot of sport when I was younger. I also thought I would get bored after a few weeks. Training with Akua has been varied and challenging. I Love the boxing. Training has not been boring at all! I have stomach muscles again! I don’t have backache after a night’s sleep! And I didn’t realise how much core strength I had lost and I thought my bed was at fault. After 20 years of skiing I had my best ski trip in 2015 because I was physically stronger.

Frankie B, 57

I’d been on a fitness journey for about 10 months, successfully losing a stone and a half through healthy eating and cardio at the gym. The weight loss was starting to really slow down despite working out, and although I felt stronger, I wasn’t getting toned, nor did I know how to target areas I wanted to specifically work on. I felt frustrated that I stopped seeing results from my hard work.

I knew I had to take it up a level but felt nervous to step outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t want to be down in the weights part of the gym, surrounded by pros and I was also worried that I’d be unable to complete the workouts set for me. My main concern was finding a trainer who would help me achieve my goals and who could push me in a way that I would react well too. Akua is so good at motivating in a fun and friendly way rather than acting like a cruel drill sergeant. I look forward to every session rather than dreading them. After our first hour consultation where I shared my targets and had my measurements taken, Akua designed a plan of attack.

For our first session, Akua took me through a programme which I was to continue with on my own, 3 times a week. Then on our weekly PT sessions, we switched things up, working with different machines and targeting different areas. Every session with Akua is unlike the previous one, which is amazing as it never feels repetitive or boring. Akua is super good with communication and really spurs me on. My best results so far are my gym knowledge. I now never walk in to the gym not knowing what to do with myself or questioning if I’m doing things right. The benefits of having trained with Akua have been invaluable and I finally know that reaching my fitness goals is possible.

A physical result has been my posture – I stand straighter and stronger and have noticed vast improvements in my back and general strength. Despite weighing the same, my clothes are much looser and people are commenting on my weight loss!

Sophie Bailey-Hine

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