I’m going to be honest with you- the first time I went to the gym?

It wasn’t great.

I was basing my workout almost entirely off what I’d seen on YouTube or seen others doing in the gym (and I had NOT put in enough research beyond “What to do in the gym”).

No, it’s fair to say on reflection, my first attempt at ‘getting in shape’ wasn’t the most well directed of endeavors.

“I Need a Coach”

….is what I wish I had said at that moment.

But honestly, whilst I was aware I wasn’t doing everything perfectly, I just figured training was training right?

I mean just getting into the gym was surely going to produce some kind of positive body changes?

No, in retrospect, I spent a year achieving what I could have done in two months.

I really should have gotten a personal trainer/coach.

Should You Be Doing the Same?

I’ve been a trainer now for close to a four years, and although I’m far removed from my first experience in a gym, the lesson I failed to learn that day is more evident to me now than ever before.

I’m a coach. I have no skills at all as an accountant. So when it comes to complicated business and money tasks? I could either spend years of my time trying to learn how taxes work, OR I could pay someone with that knowledge to help me.

When my car starts acting I’m faced with the choice of either spending a few years becoming a mechanic OR employing an expert to help me.

If you have real health and fitness targets, but aren’t an expert in the gym- do you think you should try and piece together a session out of magazines and clips and YouTube? OR, should you employ an expert, and start taking your health seriously?

The Difference Between 1-2-1 And Online Coaching

When people think of a personal trainer/coach, oftentimes they’ll conjure up the image of an army general, screaming in their face to complete ungodly amounts of push-ups and burpees.

And I’m here to tell you- that is not a good personal trainer/coach.

No, a good coach will help you set your goals, set timeframes, establish landmarks, and effectively guide you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

So, let’s work on the assumption you’ve found a good coach. Here’s a rundown on the pros and cons of both online, and face-to-face training/coaching.

So, depending upon your situation- it’s clear that coaching, whether in-person or online, can get you the results you need.

Here are the top 5 advantages of taking the leap, and prioritising your health by investing in an expert.

Advantage of Getting a Coach Number 1:
Setting a realistic goal

Shows such as ‘The Biggest Loser’, and the latest marketing campaign from ‘detox tea’ have negatively affected everyone’s perception for what is actually possible by getting in the gym.

People wanting to ‘“just drop 10 pounds” in less than two weeks has become more prevalent than ever.

Such as goal, without the relevant knowledge, sets you on the path to disappointment, and ultimately, giving up.

Sitting down with an expert side-steps that potential pit-fall.

Not only will a coach help you set realistic goals, they’ll also aid you in setting a target you actually want to achieve.

A good coach will ask the right questions to aid you in an inward journey as to why you want to hit this target.

They’ll allow you to realise the real motivation behind your declaration that you’ll lose weight. And they’ll ensure you leave with more motivation that every before.

The benefits of having this conversation with a good coach are more than enough to justify the investment you’re making- starting on the right foot, with achievable goals is key to long-term success.

Advantage of Getting a Coach Number 2:
Become accountable to someone else

When was the last time you just didn’t turn up to a dentist appointment? or just decided to rock up late to your scheduled flight time?

Now when was the last time you promised yourself you’d hit the gym after work, and ended up going straight home to lay on a sofa?

Having someone else relying on you showing up, and putting in the work has a HUGE impact on your commitment.

Whether that means you have a session with a trainer you have to meet in the gym, OR that means you have 3 workouts you need to complete, set by your online coach- having someone else expecting you to work can make all the difference.

An external influence encouraging you to perform, and work towards your goals is a big motivating factor to make sure you put in the work, and don’t neglect the gym to binge watch Netflix.

Advantage of Getting a Coach Number 3:
You’ll do the things you NEED to do, not the things you WANT to do

I love training my upper body. My lower body? Not so much.

If it were up to me (and I didn’t know any better), I’d avoid squats and lunges and the leg press all together, and just focus on the exercises I enjoy.

This however, is a sure-fire way to end up with muscular imbalances, injuries, and poor results.

A good coach will understand and programme the exercises you need to focus on, instead of just letting your focus on the stuff you want to do.

Yes, sometimes that might mean muttering curse words directed towards your coach under your breathe, but when it comes to results tracking time, you’ll be thankful they pushed you outside of your comfort zone, instead of letting you chill there.

Advantage of Getting a Coach Number 4:
You’ll be financially invested

It’s long been known in the marketing world that people’s perception of value is directly linked with the amount of money they pay for it.

If, for example, I gave 100 people a free, 4 week programme, then I charged another 100 people 20 dollars for the exact same plan?

A much larger percentage of the second 100 are going to follow that plan perfectly, and get results.

Having ‘skin in the game’ increases motivation even further than just the health and physique goals alone.

If you really want results? Be willing to invest in yourself.

Advantage of Getting a Coach Number 5:
You get to ‘switch off’

One of the most prevalent stresses people are facing in 2017 is having to think all the damn time.

Having to concentrate at work, with the family, by organising a social life. Being a person with a busy schedule is exhausting.

If you had to add planning your training and motivating yourself on top of that?

You’ll be not only taking up time that could be better spent- you’ll also be using up mental resources that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

You see people only have a limited amount of energy and focus they can give.

Do you want to use yours up trying to figure out which exercise to perform, for how many sets and reps?

Or would you rather relieve yourself of that stress and follow an expertly designed programme that you know will get you results?

I know which I would rather pick- and I wish I had made that choice all those years ago, before I ‘wasted’ my first year in the gym.

If you’re keen to make the investment in yourself and take the first step towards a healthier life; Contact me on akua@figr8fitness.com to arrange a complementary face-to-face taster session or a personalised online coaching taster programme.